5 Important Content Marketing Tricks That You Have to Know

05 Oct, 2021

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Content marketing known as a marketing strategy that every companies should apply in their businesses. These marketing strategies used to attract, engage and retain audiences in order to improve brand awareness. A quality content-marketing can significantly help you to attract even more customers.

Why it's important?

Content marketing is a go-to tactic that’s proven to work. Content marketing is important because it works for building trust, generating leads and improve customer loyalty. Of course, a quality content-marketing provides a competitive advantage. Also, it has become the new normal from the consumer side. 

In the last 10 years there has been a major shift in consumer behavior. The consumers are responding less than ever to traditional marketing. Therefore, a smart marketer are now shifting to non-traditional marketing in order to respond to the new trend. 

The number one reason that shown the importance of content marketing is the increasing of your followers on social media. Content marketing and social media are a match made in heaven. Once you write your content, you upload it to your social media. The leads you attract with your content will hopefully started to follow you on your social media. Thus, he or she will continue to see your new content when you post it to social media.

(Source: WebLITE)


Type of content marketing

1. Infographics

Infographic is a visual representation of any kind of text or animation. It basically a long and vertical graphic that included statistics, graphs, charts and else that show specific information. However, you have to involve both text and graphic elements in a creative way in order to produce a quality infographic. You may breaking down a complex concept and summarizing all the information, the most important thing is to make all your boring data and numbers, as well as texts to look good. The obvious benefits of infographics are they are easy to digest, they are shareable and they are easy to attract consumers.

(Source: CopyPress)

2. Webpages

Obviously, it is digital generation now, everyone using webpages to promote , their brand, to promote their business to the whole world. But, there's a difference between a normal webpage and a webpage that is specially created for content marketing. A good webpages for content marketing will definitely consider the search engine optimization (SEO). In order to produce a good ranking SEO, you have to identify the keywords that will bring more traffic to your webpages. Also, you have to deliver on your promise, because the search engine will review your content and determine whether it delivers on what the headline promises.

3. Videos

Videos contents are the most powerful, engaging and human communication medium of all. Video content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that puts the wants and needs of buyers first. This is to ultimately drive more profitable customer action. Unfortunately, people always think that videos content marketing are expensive and hard to do, but it's not! Its focus is creating video content that is useful, entertaining and interesting for your audience, which at the end encourages them to buy from you. One thing you have to know is that we're living in a world dominated by social media, the awareness generated through social is one of the most powerful tools for branding and loyalty available to marketers..

(Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific)

4. Podcasts

Currently, audio-based content seems to be a rise in popularity. It's clear that podcasts are an unique way to approach and deliver content to an ever-growing audience of highly educated and affluent consumers. Many creative marketers started to create their own podcasts in order to boost their businesses. One of the top benefits of a podcast for content marketing is to further develop the authoritative presence of your brand. By implementing podcasts into your content marketing strategy will greatly expands your current audience reach and when you regularly posting them, this strategy will also help you to boost your brand awareness and loyalty among consumers.

5. Books

Obviously, books are not that popular nowadays, but it can be useful if you want it to be. Same like movie or drama, marketers will not sell books just to sell books, but they sell books as marketing tools. Now you might be thinking, that writing a book will use up many of your time, but in facts, it doesn't have to be that long time. The time required to create and publish a book is actually depends on a variety of factors, you can definitely offload some of the heavy lifting to minimize the time it takes to create a book. According to Andrea Albright, the founder of Beverly Hills Publishing, she said: "You can compile all of the content you're posting and create a book from it. Take your repurposed content and lay it out in a way that fits together logically. You can hire an editor and formatter to build a great book from the content you're already producing."

(Source: Financial Times)

Tools for content marketing

1. GE

As we mentioned, social media marketing is important, social shares even increases your brand awareness. In order to start you social media content writing, you definitely needed GE. GE's Instagram content marketing campaign is a perfect example of the content marketing. GE running a campaign which combined with influencer marketing by getting six Instagram influencers and their superfans to do the #GEInstaWalk. The most surprising point here is, everything that they have done is totally free for advertising.

2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock offers the best quality, royalty free stock visual content such as images, vectors, illustrations and else. According to Content Marketing Institute, infographic attracted thousands of social shares in last year, and it even attracted more than 6 billion site visits.

(Source: www.shutterstock.com)

3. Zendesk

Let's take a look on the coolest content marketing example where Zendesk jumped on and showed that their brand values and  personality. Zendesk have been hijacked the keyword phrase, creating a mini-site and video optimized around it.

Finally, content marketing is the key for a company to connect with their customers, it helps to answers your audience's questions. In today's age, consumers expect high-quality and consistent content from their favorite brands, so never ever look down to content marketing.

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